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How To Obtain Your Marriage License in the State of Ohio?

When should we obtain our marriage license?


You normally want to obtain your marriage license about 2 weeks before your wedding date at the latest but no earlier than 4 weeks before your wedding date. The reason you want to obtain you marriage license about 2 to 4 weeks from your wedding date is so that if there is any issue with obtaining your license or you have to post-pone your wedding date you still time before the marriage license expires for your marriage to be solemnized.

How long is the marriage license valid?


You have 60 days from the date that you obtain your marriage license to get married. If your marriage license expires you will have to obtain a new one before you can legally get married.


Is there a waiting period?


No, there is no waiting period after the marriage application is accepted to receive your marriage license.

Do we have to have a blood test?

No, it is not required in the state of Ohio.

Is premarital counseling required before we obtain our marriage license?


For couples who are 18 years of age and older it is not required for couples to have premarital counseling. However, as of January 2017, minors at least 16 year of age who wish to get married and have full consent from their parents must go through premarital counseling. They also must provide proof of having had marriage counseling prior to applying for the license. The counseling can be provided by clergy or a person licensed by the State of Ohio to provide counseling. Proof of counseling may be in the form of a letter to this court from the person who provided the counseling on his or her letterhead.

Where do we go to get my marriage license?


If you live in the State of Ohio, you will obtain your marriage license in the county you live in from your County’s Probate Court or the Marriage Licensing Office of the Probate Court. Your marriage license will then be valid anywhere in the state of Ohio. However, for out of town couples wishing to get married in the state of Ohio you must obtain your marriage license from the Probate Court in the county you will be getting married in and is only valid for the county.


For those getting married in Franklin County or are a resident of Franklin County you will obtain you marriage license at the Franklin County Probate Court’s Marriage Department located at 373 South High Street, 23rd Floor, Columbus, Ohio 43215-6311 between the hours of 8:00am to 4:30pm Monday through Friday. You can also start your marriage license application on-line at http://probate.franklincountyohio.gov/departments/marriage.cfm . For those getting married in another county or live in another county you can find your local probate address and/phone number at the following link http://probate.franklincountyohio.gov/about/related-links.cfm .


What do we need to bring to the Probate Court to be able to obtain our marriage license?


  • Driver’s License or State ID

  • Passport (can be used for identification purposes.)

  • Social Security Card or know your Social Security # (Some counties require to see your Social Security Card.)

  • If Divorced you must provide a certified copy of the most recent divorce/annulment/dissolution decree along with case numbers/dates/locations (county/state/country) of all previous marriages, names of previous spouses and all current minor children.

  • Birth Certificate (Some counties require it)

  • You may also have to provide your parents’ names in some counties. (This is to make sure that you are not cousins or second cousins.)


How much does a marriage license cost?


In Franklin County, the cost of a marriage license is $65.00. However, in other counties it maybe more or less.


What form of payment does the Probate Court accept?


Franklin County Probate Court’s Marriage Department accepts cash or credit/debit card only. However, there is a 3% service fee if you use your credit/debit card to pay for your marriage license.  For other counties most only take cash however some do take credit/debit card or check, but call them before you go to make sure what form of payment they will accept.


Are Same-Sex Marriage Allowed in the State of Ohio?


Yes, since June 26, 2015 same-sex couples have been able to legally get married in the State of Ohio.


Who may perform a marriage ceremony?


Only an ordained or licensed minister/ officiant who is registered with the Secretary of the State of Ohio, a judge, a mayor, or the Superintendent of the State School for the Deaf may solemnize a marriage in the state of Ohio.

To find a licensed minister/officiant you can go to http://www.sos.state.oh.us/SOS/recordsIndexes/MinisterLicense/licensing.aspx .


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