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Interfaith Celebration of Life Ceremony Services

Interfaith Celebration of Life Ceremony Services

We at Elder Rose Ministries know that through life we have many changes some sad and some joyful.  We provide Interfaith Services as these Stages of Life should be celebrated and we at Elder Rose Ministries would like to help you with creating a beautiful unique ceremony for your occasion. 


Family and Life Changing Events include pregnancy or adoption preparation through a Motherblessing Ceremony; birth or adoption of a child through baby blessings, dedications, or wiccanings; and graduation.  A variety of faiths or blending of faiths in raising children are common in our American culture and our specialty is blending faiths in our Interfaith Services for the beauty that they can bring to our children.


Coming of Age celebrations to include Moontime or Red Tent ceremonies, Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitvah, and Quenceanera.  We believe in developing ceremonies to assist our children in transitioning from one stage of life to another.  It helps them to understand the importance of the next stage in life and prepares them for adulthood.


Weddings, Handfastings, and Commitment Ceremonies are the most common of Life Ceremonies in our culture--the joining of two lives together to face joys and trials in their future.


Coming Out Celebrations are a way for those who have came out as being true to their self and would like a ceremony for their transition into womanhood or manhood. This ceremony is not one that has been taken lightly and there are many difficulties that each must face in making this decision. 
In recognition of those who have become senior citizens and are transitioning to the final stage of life, Eldering Ceremonies such as Saging and Croning Ceremonies are a way to celebrate this life.  


And the final ceremony for all is a  Funeral or  Memorial service to honor the life the individual lived and to assist those left behind to cope with the loss of their loved one.


All Ceremonies can be Interfaith Services or Religious specific. 

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