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Earth Mother's Moon Mysteries Circle

Earth Mother's Moon Mysteries Circle is for women of all faiths to come together and build community.  Our focus is to reclaim womanhood and femininity in our current world. This is a place to discuss everyday womanhood issues from raising children, fertility issues, balancing our various roles, to the transitions throughout life.  This will be a safe place for women to come together and share in the joys and trials of life and build forever friendships.


Girls transitioning into womanhood between the ages of 13 and 17 may attend after they have gone through a womanhood ceremony. This will be a time to explain to them the changes they are experiencing and to give them an opportunity to "put away childish things" and begin preparing for adulthood. 


Transwomen are also welcome as we can provide support in your journey of womanhood. 


Children under 2 and nursing children are welcome to come with mom. Those over 2 will need childcare during this time.  Eventually, we hope to have childcare available during our meeting time.  No men are allowed to attend these meetings (with exception of special services) due to the nature of discussions during this time.


Normal monthly meetings will be around the New Moon.


We are also on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Elder-Rose-Ministries-Earth-Mothers-Moon-Mysteries-1567802133526981/


Upcoming Moon Mysteries Meetings: 

There are no upcoming Moon Mysteries Meetings schedule for the months of June and July.



Topic and location to be determined.  For additional information,

For additional information on joining us, please complete a contact form and we will message you with membership details. Closed groups are to protect the privacy of our members.




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