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Elder Rose MinistriesAn Interfaith Community Resource       

Declaration of Faith 


Our main purpose is to help all those who ask to find their spiritual truth regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, background, or church affiliation.

We believe that there is Divinity in many forms and that everyone has the right to seek out what that Divinity is for the individual.

We believe in the power of prayer/meditation or other means for communicating with the Divine.  We also respect and value those who do not believe in such Divinity and seek answers through other means.

We believe that all men and women should be given the opportunity to be productive members of society, perform meaningful work, and to encourage and help others to find their purpose and achieve a healthy self-image.

We believe in allowing individual responsibilty  for spiritual growth.




Statement of Beliefs

We, at Elder Rose Ministries, are an interfaith religious organization that believes that we are individuals comprised of not just body, but mind and spirit seeking to discover our own personal truth(s) in our own unique way.


This may be found through belief in Jesus Christ, Buddha, Allah, The Earth Mother, Pagan Gods and Goddesses, The Divine, The Universe, or other Deity. All paths are welcome.


We value the viewpoints of our ministers and our congregation regardless of how controversial they may be.


We believe in religious freedom as long as it does not infringe on the rights of others and is within the law.


We welcome any who seek truth, wisdom, tolerance.


We use teaching materials from a variety of source (i.e., The Bible, The Quaran, Bhagavad Gita) as wisdom is found in many places and people each hear it in different ways.


We explore many faiths and belief systems and seek to understand the universal truths that each of these contain.





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